About Alfred’s Brewery

Alfred’s Brewery is a Hampshire based microbrewery founded by husband and wife Steve and Isabelle Haigh in 2012.

Steve had a keen interest in beer since spending a fiver on his first home brew beer kit when he was 18. The first brew went well and he sold half the batch (with a deposit for the bottles). The seed for Steve’s brewing empire had been planted.

Twenty years on, ten of them as a professional brewer, Steve had a growing desire to brew his own style of beer in his home city. So after finding suitable premises to create a brewery, April 2012 saw the arrival of stainless steel tanks, malted barley, hops and equipment that required extensive modification.

By September 2012, Steve and Isabelle were ready to launch Alfred’s Brewery to the public – and what better way to mark its opening than with the Mayor of Winchester.

The brewery quickly gained local interest, featuring in several local newspaper articles. As a result the business as grown successfully over the last two years largely thanks to local support and the high quality, tasty ale that Steve produces.

Our Awards

Alfred’s Brewery is proud to have consistently won awards since its launch in 2012.


  • Hampshire Beer of the Year 2012
  • Saxon Bronze – 3rd place


  • Winchester Real Ale and Cider Festival 2013
  • Saxon Bronze – Beer of the Festival – 1st place


  • Winchester Beer Festival 2014
  • Winchester Pale Ale – Beer of the Festival – 1st place
  • Gold Wyvern – Beer of the Festival – 3rd place


  • Winning beer of the festival Winchester 2016


  • Winning beer of the festival Winchester 2017


  • Winning beer of the festival Winchester 2018

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